Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Gina tags me all the time...I rarely complete them...chalk it up to laziness! But anyway...Here Goes Gina Bean!

I am...assertive, fun, happy, moody, slightly neurotic and a little scared of the future!
I think...like a girl...and there is no explanation for that one!
I know...everything will work out for the best in the end...it's just getting to the end that is the hard part!
I want...to find true happiness...I think that I am on my way
I wish...for everyone that I know to have the same number of blessings that I do!
I hate...breakdowns...people who say one thing and do another...and a dirty house (My roommates can attest to that!)
I miss...my family who I don't see near enough...and all my friends that have come and gone!
I fear...losing faith...
I feel...better than yesterday (the mood swings!) I also feel like I can handle whatever comes my way...
I hear...what I want to...sometimes this causes problems!!!
I smell...like mango and mandarin oranges...bath and body comes up with some interesting flavors, but they sure smell good!
I search...for the one thing that continues to elude me...(you can take a guess on that one!)
I wonder...what the next year holds for me...I tend to feel this way as the school year approaches, this is my true New Years!
I regret... very little...time lost with friends and family when I should have been the one to put aside the differences!
I love...My life...my family, friends, job, house, branch (although, I am still getting to know people), and the stars at night, mint chocolate chip ice cream, feeling fit and healthy (that one I have slacked on! time to get back to work!)
I care...lots of things...but mostly about making those people in my life happy!
I always...eat breakfast...it's the most important meal of the day!
I am not...high maintenance...but I do like to look nice!
I believe...that the promises that have been made to me will someday come true!
I dance...when I am in the mood, not the greatest dancer, but I can follow a beat!
I sing...loud, especially in the car when no one else is there! People probably what's wrong with me!
I don't always...have good self-control...it's something I am working on!
I write...in my journal sometimes...and lesson plans...sometimes emails too!
I win...when I accomplish a goal or ambition that I have been working toward!
I lose...when I give up too easily!
I never...want to feel like I have hurt someone else...unfortunately that isn't always possible...
I listen...to the advice that my mom gives me...It took way to long to figure out that she was right a lot of the time!
I'm scared of...not living up to other's expectations of me...
I read...all the time, as much as I can...It's almost like an addiction for me!
I am happy about...my life in general.

Another Month Gone By

Whew! July and August have absolutely flown by! I have been busy reading, feeding, and succeeding at my part time job for the school district. Read, Feed, and Succeed is a federal program for kids where they can come and eat breakfast and lunch for free and join a summer reading program in the library. I was the assistant librarian!

Now that the program is over...I have exactly seven days until I start contract hours at school again. That's right, back to the working world on the 20th! School starts on the 25th...I am kind of starting to get excited...talk to me on the 24th!

Volleyball starts this friday! I am coaching the freshman at Gale! Yep, I switched schools to coach at the one that I now teach at...Taylorview was good to me...but I was tired of being called a traitor by my classes! I am excited about the season!

My birthday has come and gone...My roommates gave me a beautiful clock and my Dad and Billie gave me a new camera...no more stealing pictures from Lisa and Gina! Well, actually I will still steal pics from them, just not as many!

My gorgeous clock!

My roomies love me! They celebrated my birthday in style!

My Birthday BBQ at Jason's! What a blast!

Jameron singing me my very own song!

My mom and Alan are going to get me some trees for my yard! I am most excited about that. I will post pictures when they are planted!

We have had a couple of adventures in the past month...
We floated the river up in Island Park at night! The stars were beautiful! I miss living somewhere I can look up and see all the stars...no city lights interfering...Makes it easier to wish on them!

The best kind of massage train...The one where I don't have to do anything!

Mmmm...Smell that Bacon...

The next day we traveled to Targhee to do some mountain biking...Lisa wanted to ride the lift up and ride down the mountain. When we got to the lift with our bikes, the lifty talked us out of it...Lisa was disappointed, but since we were all inexperienced riders she dealt with her disappointment, no point in someone getting hurt! We ended up riding over in Ricks Basin instead, which was a pretty ride, and had some good downhill parts!

Andy, Gina, Willie, Lisa, and I biking in Ricks Basin!

Lunch Break on Quakie Ridge...It really was a beautiful ride!

Two weeks ago, our old branch had planned a Whitewater floating trip in Jackson! We tagged along and had a great time...there was a little bit of tension at first since we ended up being one guide short, but Kelly found us a last minute replacement, and I think we ended up with the best guide anyway!

Matt's all ready to go...

Kelly Browne (stressing and calling everyone she knows to find a guide)

Look at all our stuff...we are in a 15 passenger van, by the way!

Gina patiently waiting...waiting...and waiting!

On the way home everyone fell asleep (except Kelly and Josh!)

Last week we traveled to Lava Hot Springs to do a little cabin camping and some River floating the next day! What a blast...Other than a little rain...

We traveled way up into some mountains near Lava, unfortunately it was raining, not just sprinkling, but pouring rain...Kelly's car wasn't handling it well, so Janette and I got out to walk...

Andy had to help us get the 2 inches of mud off our shoes after walking partway up the road!

We were all pretty tired when we got to the cabin, but still stayed up until 2 or so in the morning!

Cameron and Tara...and that's all I'm gonna say...

Before we went floating the next morning, we did a little exploring on the 4-wheelers!

Getting ready to get wet, Janette and I get our tubes...

Cameron took a spill coming over the first waterfall!

It was a lot of fun to stay linked together, it made it a little faster going down to river!

So that's a recap of my adventures during the last month or so...not as exciting as some people...but just right for me! Till next time!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Catching up...


Due to pressure from several unnamed sources, I have decided it has been long enough since I updated this here blog.

I have done a lot of different things since I last posted in April. The biggest and the funnest (sort of) was moving into my new house.

Isn't It pretty...My grass is even green!

I gotta get a grill!!

The backyard has some yellow stuff...grass can be really stubborn!

I finally got my garage organized...although I am still waiting on some shelves!

The Living Room...I love my red wall!

The Kitchen...

My Room!

Lisa's Room!

Gina's Room!

The Bathroom...

My Grandma Kay taught me how to quilt...I have been working on a star quilt...I'm still working on that project!

The top is all sewed, but I need to put the bat in and then actually quilt the thing!

We just finished playing softball...It didn't seem like we had a very long season, and it wasn't an extremely successful season, but it was fun!

Skyler, Nick, and Steph all played a little on our team...at least they did until Skyler separated his shoulder doing bike tricks, and Nick got really busy at work. Steph stuck it out though and finished the season strong! Gina was a little disappointed that we finished with a losing record...but got over it eventually...

I am also coaching a 14 and under girls fastpitch team...they haven't had a stellar season either, but they won today with only 8 players out of 9 and against a team that killed them the last time we played!!!!!!!

I went to Brigham City with Gina for Independance Day! We got to see some pretty fireworks and enjoy a couple of slurpee's from 7-11!

I spent a couple of days with some friends at Redfish Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains! WOW! I loved it there...I need to go back and do some more hiking!

We braved Mesa Falls before all the snow had melted, and it was worth it! Not as green as usual, but still a breathtaking vista!

The Relief Society sisters in the 1st branch had a retreat...We talked about personal histories and had a lot of fun! We started going to our new branch last Sunday! People were friendly and I am going to enjoy it there...but what can I say...I am really going to miss the 1st branch!

We took a quick trip up to Fall River near Swan Valley and played in the waterfall there! It's definitely one of my favorite places!

I start my summer job next Monday...I'm not really very excited, I have really enjoyed this summer and have been keeping myself busy with things like home maintence, mowing the lawn etc...and reading...ALOT!

We haven't been on many hikes or adventures yet this summer, but there are still many days of summer left...We plan to go hiking, biking, rafting, floating, and whatever other adventures happen to pop up!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Woo Hoo!

Alas I don't have any pictures of my latest adventure...but I can astound you with my narrative...
I was privileged to go to Island Park on Saturday ( Yes, there is still about four feet of snow there!) and go Snowmobiling! It was a ton o' fun! I think that it has probably been about five or so years since I enjoyed flying over the frozen ground! I thought everything was great until I saw someone flying through the air attached to a parachute...was it a skydiver? NO! It was someone attached to a parachute being pulled behind two snowmachines!!! I had to try it...It lived up to my expectations. After being drug through the snow for about thirty feet, I lifted up high into the air...The view was spectacular...and yes, I would do it again in heart beat!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

House Update

So I drug Gina out to Ammon again tonight to take a look at the house...the painting is done and it looks like they are getting ready to lay the carpet soon!


"A Million Ways"

In Tribute to one of our favorite bands of all time, "OKGO" Lisa, Jamie, Callie, and I put together a little number for a branch talent show! We debuted it at the talent show and have since shared it twice. Our last number was at the Stake Talent show! It went very well...and was probably the last performance since the group has since been broken up :(


So this is "Jameron!" Everyone should check it out! My two good buddies Jason and Cameron, collectively known as Jameron (They were dubbed that on our Colorado Ski Trip) decided to put together a little number for our branch talent show! They Rock!